"This Fraternity will be Different"

- Sigma Phi Epsilon Charter


What makes Sigma Phi Epsilon different, and why should you join?


Balanced Men

The Balanced Man Program is Sigma Phi Epsilon's award winning development program revolving around the idea of "universal respect for self and others." Through the Balanced Man Program, Sigma Phi Epsilon seeks to develop its members according to the concept of Sound Mind, Sound Body. In accordance with this Sigma Phi Epsilon has eliminated the pledging process, granting all members full privileges immediately after joining. The Balanced Man Program is a continuous development program designed to help each brother become their personal best and further build the qualities of Leader, Scholar, Athlete, and Gentleman.


Click here to learn more about SigEp's nationally acclaimed Balanced Man Program.


On Campus Involvement

If you are looking to become involved on campus SigEp can help you. As leaders, SigEp brothers hold executive positions in many student organizations such as Student Government, Engineering Tribunal, Student Alumni Council, and many more.  These brothers will support and mentor you as you begin to get involved.



The brothers at Sigma Phi Epsilon pride themselves on being scholars. Our GPA is consistently among the top GPA's among chapters on campus. Last quarter our average GPA was a 3.30.  We have a great diversity of majors, including specifically high concentrations of engineers, DAAP students, and business students.  We offer a variety of resources to support members academically, including weekly tutoring sessions, study tables, and a textbook library.  If you are struggling in a class, it is very likely that another brother will have taken the class previously who can assist you.


Community Service

The brothers of Sigma Phi Epsilon take great pride in supporting our community.  Thousands of community service hours are performed by the brothers every year.  Our flagship philanthropy event, the FlyAway benefit concert, raises several thousand dollars for charity each year.  SigEp brothers help plan and organize a variety of campus community service events, including Cincinnati Community Outreach, Cincinnati Dance Marathon, and Relay For Life.  Every Thursday night, SigEp operates Nightwalk, the free shuttle service for UC students.  In addition to all this, we support a local Boy Scout troop with their annual mulch move.



SigEp competes in an inter-fraternity intramural league, facing off against the best other fraternity's have to offer. Once again following the ideal of the Balanced Man, SigEp is full of great athletes. We have two teams for almost every sport. Our A team is always very competitive. This last fall we took first place in Volleyball as well as 2nd place in Flag Football. Our B team is also competitive and a lot of fun.


Social Programming

Being a social fraternity SigEp offers a wide variety of social events throughout the year.  Events include our annual formal dance, date nights, mixers with sororities, informal brotherhood events such as video game nights at the house. Social events are a lot of fun and one of the main reasons many people join a fraternity.



Joining SigEp comes with the option of living in the SigEp house. Living in the house is the best housing value on and near campus.   It is significantly cheaper than the university residence halls or nearby apartment complexs. The house is conveniently located just across the street from campus.  In addition the prime location and cost, brothers living at SigEp have a meal plan where our dedicated cook serves lunch and dinner during the week.

The Leadership Continuum
The Leadership Continuum is an award-winning* series of distinct and progressive leadership opportunities aimed at teaching and reinforcing SigEp values to a brother from the day he joins to the day he graduates. Through self-discovery, analysis, and interaction, brothers develop skills necessary to lead balanced lives and to continue leading the fraternity world.  For more information about each program, click on the name.
  • EDGE
    At EDGE, a SigEp new member will experience a high-energy program educating him to overcome obstacles towards a lifetime of achievement. He will meet SigEps from other chapters and dynamic volunteers who will help him to learn to live his best life.

  • Carlson Leadership Academy (CLA)
    At the Carlson Leadership Academy, current and aspiring fraternity officers from across the region gather together to develop key life skills and share best practices.

  • Ruck Leadership Institute
    At the Ruck Leadership Institute, SigEp's most talented brothers develop critical mentoring skills to push their chapters to new heights of excellence.

  • Tragos Quest to Greece
    SigEp's capstone of leadership development brings twenty brothers from across the country together for a week of scholarship and exploration in Greece.

* Fraternity Executives Association winner of the 2003 Hobbs Group Fellow Award for innovative program development


Want More Information?

If you would like more information about Sigma Phi Epsilon or want to be kept updated about rush events, please fill out the form below.  Please include your phone number in the message and feel free to ask any questions you may have.


The Ohio Theta chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon at the University of Cincinnati follows the Balanced Man Program.  This means we have eliminated pledging, and all types of hazing are strictly prohibited.  Upon accepting a bid to join, a new member is granted the full rights and priviledges of a member, and is treated with the respect and dignity of a brother of our fraternity.  We believe that in no way can hazing help a person's development as a Leader, Scholar, Athlete, and Gentleman.


Click here to see our anti-hazing policy.


Common Concerns and Misconceptions

I don't have time to join a fraternity, get involved on campus, and get good grades:  Being in a fraternity takes up less time than you might think. Our members participate in many student organizations, maintain a chapter GPA of 3.30, win in intramural sports, rack up hundreds of hours of community service, and still find time to relax and have fun.

I don't have the money to join
: Our dues are among the cheapest on campus. Only $450 a quarter covers all membership fees as well as social events. Furthermore, living in the house or getting our meal plan can save you money over other room and boards costs.

I am not the fraternity type: Visiting at SigEp you will quickly realize that there is no such thing as a “fraternity type” at SigEp. Our members have very different personalities, are studying different majors, and come from all different kinds of background and belief structures. Many never thought they would join a fraternity until they came to SigEp.

I don't want to live in the house
: No member is required to live in the house. Also, not living in the house will in no way hinder your involvement in the chapter. We have many very active brothers who choose not to live in the house.
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