An open message to all Parents

Hello and welcome to the Ohio Theta chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon at the University of Cincinnati. My name is Bert Bullock and I am the Chapter Counselor. This is the start of my sixth year in Cincinnati and my eleventh in the position. My responsibility is to ensure that the directives of the national organization are followed and that I am available as a resource to all brothers within the chapter.

I joined Sig Ep three years before the film Animal House was release (1978) and I have to admit I love that movie. But how our culture, our world and our perceptions have changed over the past 33 years. In the community we live in today, if we pulled even one of the pranks or parties shown in the movie, our chapter would be shut down and would cease to exist in just days.

I am proud of the leadership and forward thinking that Sig Ep has shown in evolving itself into the organization it is today. We were the first national fraternity to recognize that when a boy joins a fraternity that still uses a pledging process and begins the pledge program, he accepts that he is subordinate to the older brothers in the chapter. This subordinate position creates the illusion that your son has to do “whatever” is required by the older brothers. Especially during “Hell Week” or whatever other fraternities still call it.

Many years ago, Sig Ep did away with the pledge program in it entirety. Today, once your son accepts our bid to join us, he is a full member in the fraternity. He can vote, run for office, and do anything any other brother can do, from day one.

This chapter developed a program ten years ago called the “Balanced Man Program”. The core of the program is that a brother should develop all aspects of his self. Education, Physical, and Spiritual development. The program is divided into three levels of development that take four years to complete. It challenges every brother to excel by looking inward.

This program was so well received that the national fraternity adopted it and it is the core to Sip Ep’s identity on college campus.

Ohio Theta is different. We are the best of the best. I know that sounds like boasting, but here is the facts. Sig Ep is on 238 college campus across our nation. Sig Ep has 16,000 undergraduates brothers at any one moment. Every two years, the nation board of directors evaluates the chapters and from the top 1%, selects chapters for the Buchanan Cup. Their highest honor. Ohio Theta has won twelve cups, the past ten a row. That’s twenty years in a row of leadrship excellence. That’s one Buchanan Cup every two years for exceptional performance since Ronald Reagan was president.

As for grades, the University of Cincinnati all mens campus GPA is 2.85. We range from 3.15 to 3.3 quarter after quarter. And a majority of the brothers are either Engineering or Business Honors majors.

Over the next couple of months I will add more information to address your concerns. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to call me. (513) 300-7418.

Bert Bullock

Will joining Sig Ep hurt my sons grades?

One of the most asked questions I get from a parent is "If my son joins Sig Ep will his grades suffer". My answer is that we demand a higher standard of grades than the university. We demand higher grades than any other fraternity on this campus and we can prove it. This chart is prepared by the UC administration each quarter. As shown below our grades are consistantly year after year well  above the university's and all other fraternities on campus.



Affordable Value

College is expensive and getting more every day. There is no getting around this fact. One of the larger expenses that can be controlled is housing and food.  When your son comes to you and asks you for permission to join Sig Ep, your first instinct will be to say no, we / you can not afford it.  However, yes you can, and after looking at the chart below, how can you afford to say no?

We lease our house from our Alumni Volunteer Corporation and they have owned it for many, many years.  It is update to date with a modern sprinkler system, (almost no other Greek house does), high speed internet, and a kitchen with a cook preparing meals.

Our dues per quarter are just  $400 and are included in room rent. Choosing to live anywhere else is just to expensive.  



  Total Room Meal Plan Is Sig Ep A Better Value ?
Sig Ep Five  $1,100.00  $1,100.00 Included  
Sig Ep Quad  $1,200.00  $1,200.00 Included  
Sig Ep Triple  $1,325.00  $1,325.00 Included  
Sig Ep Double  $1,450.00  $1,450.00 Included  
Sig Ep Single  $1,575.00  $1,575.00 Included  
University Park Apartments Quad  $1,437.00  $1,437.00 Not Included Yes
University Park Apartments Double  $2,097.00  $2,097.00 Not Included Yes
University Park Apartments Single  $2,637.00  $2,637.00 Not Included Yes
Stratford Heights Double  $1,890.00  $1,890.00 Not Included Yes
Stratford Heights Single  $2,055.00  $2,055.00 Not Included Yes
Daniels/Calhoun (Dorm) Double  $2,875.00  $1,753.00  $ 1,122.00 Yes
Turner (Dorm) Double  $3,197.00  $2,075.00  $ 1,122.00 Yes
Turner/Schneider/CRC (Dorm) Single  $3,322.00  $2,200.00  $ 1,122.00 Yes


Ohio Theta Funds
Scholarship Endowments
Donations made to scholarship endowments are held for the chapter and invested by the Educational Foundation. The interest of these endowed funds is awarded as scholarship grants (4.5% of the funds 3-yr avg balance). Donations to endowed funds are fully tax deductible.
Ohio Theta Alumni Scholarship
General scholarship fund for the benefit of the undergraduate brothers at Ohio Theta.
This scholarship is awarded undergraduate(s) for their pre-junior or junior year that meet academic achievements and has contributed significantly to the betterment of the chapter. 
George M. McIlveen, Sr Scholarship
The fund was initiated by George McIlveen to support an undergraduate brother in his junior year to aid him during his senior year.
The recipient of the McIlveen scholarship must be in good standing, current financial obligations, plan to live in the chapter facility and active member in the chapter. His cumulative GPA must be equal or greater to the all-campus male average.
James Feltner Memorial Scholarship
The James Feltner Memorial Scholarship Award is established in the honor of a beloved brother of the Class of 1956. 
The recipient of the James Feltner Scholarship must be a Freshman in good standing to be awarded for his Sophomore year, have some leadership experience in the house (minimum Chairmanship), exhibit outstanding scholastic achievement, and strive for a sound mind in academic success.
Hoback Sportsman of the Year Award
Established to honor Brother Don Hoback’s (’77) tradition of awards that recognize Ohio Theta brothers who contribute to the athletic prowess of the chapter and emphasis the “Sound Body” aspect of the Balanced Man ideal.
Brothers must be in good standing financially and academically achieve a GPA above the chapter average. He must also be actively involved in athletics either with the university or the chapter.
Award will be presented to recipient for his use for books

Direct Funds
Direct funds allow alumni to make fully  tax deductible contributions for specific activities that support the undergraduate chapter.
BMS Direct
 The BMS direct funds can be used to reimburse the chapter for expenses related to running the BMS including but not limited to BMS Banquet, mailing expenses, promotional materials, etc..
Leadership Direct
This fund provides grants to the chapter or its members to participate in leadership development activities including but not limited to: Ruck Leadership  Institute, Quest to Greece, Carlson Leadership Academy, LeaderShape, NIHC, etc..
Residential Learning Community
This fund replaced the old “Library fund” which can be used for improvements to the chapter to support the Residential Learning Community and other educational expenses including computers, printers, copiers, projectors, etc. A portion of all patio brick sales go towards this fund as well as direct donations.


Frequently Asked Questions

               Frequently Asked Questions

What is a fraternity?

A fraternity is a group of men who believe and live by the same set of values, and foster a close friendship through those values. These values bind together not only the current chapter members, but members and alumni throughout the country. Fraternity men incorporate these values in all aspects of their lives, never letting go of those beliefs. Sigma Phi Epsilon's values are Virtue, Diligence, and Brotherly Love.

 Why does Sigma Phi Epsilon pride itself on being “different?”

SigEp prides itself on being different because that difference has helped us come to lead the fraternity world. SigEps refuse to be stereotyped as “frat boys,” nor its chapters as “animal houses.” Sigma Phi Epsilon is dedicated to the idea that a fraternity is much more than a social organization -- it is an institution of higher learning; one that centers around the ideals of allowing one to live his best life.

My son is considering joining SigEp's Ohio Theta chapter, what can I expect?

When a young man joins Sigma Phi Epsilon, he immediately finds out he has joined something unique. In joining , he instantly becomes a brother. The Balanced Man Program eliminates pledging from the chapter experience, and puts an emphasis on continued development throughout college and beyond.

What is Sigma Phi Epsilon’s stance on hazing?

Sigma Phi Epsilon is clear and concise in its stance against hazing. Hazing is illegal; therefore it has no place in the Fraternity. Sigma Phi Epsilon holds its members to the highest possible standard, so breaking the laws of the country, state, and university will not be tolerated.

Sigma Phi Epsilon truly believes that the words “hazing” and “fraternity” are not interchangeable. SigEp has, for many years, been breaking the stereotype that fraternities haze. The National Fraternity, through programming and leadership opportunities, has promoted the idea of safe and responsible development. Hazing is the direct opposite of everything Sigma Phi Epsilon represents.

What is Sigma Phi Epsilon's perspective on alcohol & substance abuse?

Sigma Phi Epsilon does not promote the use of alcohol in any manner whatsoever. It is the national fraternity’s opinion that alcohol should only be used in a safe and responsible manner by people of legal age.

Sigma Phi Epsilon goes to great lengths to educate its members on alcohol and its effects. Through national programming, Sigma Phi Epsilon helps its members understand the consequences of one’s choices when alcohol is involved. SigEp also promotes risk management guidelines to help chapters and members make smart decisions when it comes to alcohol.

What is the Leadership Continuum?

Sigma Phi Epsilon’s Leadership Continuum is a balance of self-development and team leadership skills training composed in four programs: EDGE, the Carlson Leadership Academy, the Ruck Leadership Institute, and the Quest to Greece. Through self-discovery, analysis, and interaction, brothers develop skills necessary to lead balanced lives and to continue leading the fraternity world.

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